VW Touran 1.4 TSI EcoFuel in test: Familienvan with natural gas drive

In the test of the VW must Touran TSI show with CNG drive, whether it is an alternative to the gasoline engine. Although clean exhaust and cheap fuel costs are the benefits of natural gas cars, their disadvantage is the higher purchase price, which is to pay off as quickly as possible.

It looks as if more Germans had gasoline in the blood as a gas in the tank. At least, you can interpret the current statistics of the motor Federal Office. Because nearly 30.5 million cars that drive gasoline, but only about 71.500 units, that burn natural gas roll on our roads.
Most Digest also petrol as a natural gas car has almost always a modified gasoline engine - such as the VW Touran TSI EcoFuel.
Environmentally friendly and noticeably cheaper on the go
Already, the paper makes curious: his double charged by compressor and Turbo 1, 4-liter four cylinder provides 220 nm of torque and 150 PS - 10 more than the conventional gasoline version. Friends of green driving may enjoy also Touran TSI EcoFuel CO2 emissions of the VW, which is according to ECE standard 128 g / km. Again, the gasoline engine with 159 g CO2 has lose out.
Anyway is natural gas or compressed natural gas (CNG) less polluting than gasoline. It produces about 75 percent less carbon monoxide (CO) and up to 65 per cent of less hydrocarbons (HC) under similar conditions. Gas is cheaper, kg costs less than 1.10 euro in greater Stuttgart.
Nevertheless is a Gasauto boom in sight, as the charges for their drive are excessive. The VW Touran TSI EcoFuel with 1, 4-liter TSI engine is no exception, it costs more than his basic version 3.675 euro. After all, the installation of the gas components is so cleverly solved hardly suffers of the suitability for everyday use. Only the optional seats in series three of the VW Touran TSI EcoFuel are permitted only up to maximum 35 kg so for adults in the emergency taboo.
The superior variability of the VW Touran TSI EcoFuel is completely retained, because the 18 kilograms of comprehensive gas tanks are mounted recessed in the rear and the fuel tank is reduced to an eleven liter kegs. Other than with retrofit solutions is also the onboard computer of the VW Touran TSI EcoFuel is fully integrated into the gas and can show, for example, the CNG average.
The additional subject navigation for the VW Touran TSI EcoFuel helps the station search and has saved gas pumps as points of interest. A blessing, after all, the network with approximately 1,000 stations is nationwide not just tightly woven.
Gas tanks is by the way as easy as gasoline tap. However the VW Touran TSI EcoFuel the pump starts up unusually often, because the average consumption is included in six kg / 100 km and thus little surprise on the ECE use (4.7 kg / 100 km).
It is, but clearly more economical, as he proves auto motor und sport-minimal usage with only 3.8 kg / 100 km. In daily life Touran TSI EcoFuel arise with the VW range 350 km, which stretch thanks to the fix built-in fuel reserve scarce 150 kilometers.
Diesel driver, used should be so hardly the right customers for the VW Touran TSI EcoFuel at 1,000 km stage between the tank stops. But also buyers who go so far with a conventional petrol car, need to change themselves. Because despite dual-boot the VW plaguing around Touran TSI EcoFuel with a distinct collision weakness. You not decreases the nominally 220 nm him, because the real feel pulling power from the mild variety. After all, the four cylinder runs cultivated and quietly.
The big surprise follows after evaluating the tank documents: expects already from a year of driving performance of 7,000 kilometers of the VW Touran TSI EcoFuel compared with the gasoline version. He is less than nine litres per 100 km route around 7.40 EUR cheaper than its counterpart with petrol engine, in the testing / consumed 100 km.
Cost foxes that have a gas station near her daily route, so consider whether the Volkswagen is Touran TSI EcoFuel not the right car for you - even if they actually have gasoline in the blood.